Gravity-Defying Workouts Take Flight


Gravity-defying workouts are no longer a fringe sport. People from all walks of life are benefiting from the unique combination of anti-gravity effects, vigorous workouts…and excitement. When it comes to leaving the ground, you now have many options. Some are worthy of Cirque du Soleil, such as yoga classes done with hammocks, or exercise routines done on climbing silks. More than just a fun time at the gym, climbing silks work your muscles as much as weight lifting or resistance training. Being suspended from the ceiling also requires you to use your core muscles in new ways. For all of these reach-for-the-sky sports, safety is key, especially in group classes which can have 30 or 40 people hanging in mid-air at the same time. Most workouts require you to spend some time getting up to speed with the techniques and equipment before hitting the ropes—or silks. Gravity-defying workouts are also great for people seeking an effective, but low-impact, form of exercise. Older adults and obese people can work out with less pressure on their joints. Likewise, marathoners can train for endurance and speed with lower risk of injury. One impressive piece of equipment that is used for low-impact workouts is the anti-gravity treadmill. The bottom half of your body is encased in the treadmill, allowing air pressure to lift you up. This decreases the feel of gravity on your body. The effect is similar to swimming in water—without the wet shorts—providing you with a zero-to-minimal impact cardiovascular workout. Even if you never dreamed of running away with the circus, these gravity-defying workouts can help you break free from the monotony of your usual workouts without sacrificing sweat and exertion.