Lowered Stress and Better Blood Vessels: How Green Space Helps Your Heart

green space
Central Park's Gapstow BridgeVicki Jauron, Babylon and Beyond / Getty Images

When it comes to desirable neighborhoods, high marks go to those with lots of green space. A five-year study from the University of Louisville finds that people who live in neighborhoods dense with plants and trees have lower biomarkers for stress—and their ability to repair blood vessels is more robust, so they’re less prone to heart disease.

The 10 Healthiest Ways to Relieve Work Stress

The 10 Healthiest Ways to Relieve Work Stress

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If your block is lacking in green space, check out Bloomscape.com for their lush (and air-purifying) houseplants. Of course, being close to plants isn’t the only way to help your heart. Try taking a hot bath, eating more whole grains, and—obviously—exercising regularly.


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