Guide to Minimalist Running

Guide to Minimalist Running

Bizarre trend? Hippie fad? Next evolution of running?

Whatever your opinion of it, minimalist running is here to stay. Runners pounding—or, more appropriately, tip-toeing—the pavement in thin-soled shoes or even barefooted has become a relatively common sight of late. But the phenomenon dates back further than you might think.

Your curiosity brought you here, so let the articles below fill in some blanks. Whether you’re contemplating the switch to minimalist running or just want to be able to argue with those who have, our guide will give you a solid footing.

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Should You Be Running Barefoot?
You may be dangerously babying your feet, say minimalist running advocates. Here’s what you need to know.

Run Like a Kenyan
Scott Douglas made a runner’s pilgrimage to Africa. Here is what he learned.

Master the 7 Biggest Obstacles to Running
Running coach Andrew Kastor helps you smash through the toughest personal roadblocks.


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