This Guy Is Running the London Marathon From Space

This Guy Is Running the London Marathon From Space

The London Marathon is coming up in less than two weeks (April 24, 2016). And while the estimated 38,000 runners will lace up in Greenwich, one man will hit the ground running from 250 miles above earth. Really: British astronaut Timothy Peake will run 26.2 miles on the International Space Station treadmill.

The first question that comes to mind (at least here at the Men’s Fitness office) is: How do you run on a treadmill without any gravity? The answer: A harness that literally holds you on to the belt. Apparently, it’s just as uncomfortable as it sounds, per CBS: “It tends to rub his shoulders and waist,” they report.

And Peake’s time goal is nothing to sneeze at either. CBS reports that he’s gunning for a 3:30-3:44 time.

Meanwhile, some of Peake’s fellow Earth-based astronauts will run in London “to share in a little of Tim’s pain,” head of the medical projects and technology team at ESA’s space medicine office in Cologne, Germany, Jonathan Scott, said via CBS. Scott will run the race in a replica Russian launch and entry spacesuit for “fun.” Scott, Peake, and the other teammates are running in support of Prince Charles’ charity the Prince’s Trust.

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