Gym Fail Friday: Here’s How to Nearly Decapitate Your Gym Partner on the Bench Press

Gym fails: spotter drops the bar

We’re just gonna warn you: You will never be able to un-see this clip.

This will haunt your every chest day to eternity. (We know it will haunt ours.)

But maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

In what seems to be an emerging theme among Gym Fail Friday posts, this (horrifying) video emphasizes three core gym laws that are particularly appropriate when you are hoisting a metal bar loaded with hundreds of pounds of iron above your neck region:
1. Don’t lift what you can’t handle
2. Always use at least one spotter
3. Make sure that spotter a freaking clue what he’s doing

Specifically: When you’re spotting someone on the bench press, think of yourself as having two “modes.” You’re either out of the lifter’s line of sight—no crotch in his view—or you’re committed to lifting the bar back into its safe racked position. See how the spotter lifts his hands off the bar midway through the save? That’s how his buddy ends up with a crushed windpipe.

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