Gym Fails: Watch This Guy Go for a Huge Squat — and Crush His Friend Instead

Gym fails: squatter crushes spotter


From the second this dude picks up the barbell, you know this one’s gonna end badly. There’s no way he’s gonna lift that weight.

But that’s no big deal. Bad reps happen, and we’re all in favor of going for a big rep.

No, the fail here is the spotter. What’s that guy thinking? He just sits back, carefully caressing his friend’s body like it’s prom night and he’s figuring on getting lucky at the after-party. His friend drops down, the spotter holds tight—and then a 200-and-something-pound barbell comes flopping into his torso.

The guy squatting here actually does the right move to escape from this barbell. If you find yourself stuck underneath a back squat, you have bumper plates, and you’re reasonably sure there’s no one immediately behind you, then just let go of the barbell and let it roll off your back. If dropping the weight isn’t an option, then get two spotters—like any sane powerlifter would—and have each one lift one end of the barbell to help you get the weight up.

Or you could just drop it into your guy’s ribcage. Your call.

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