Health and Fitness for Geeks

Steve Kamb

Do you love comics, games, and movies but want or need to get a little movement into your life? Then Nerd Fitness might be for you.

Its founder Steve Kamb was recently profiled in The Wall Street Journal“They stumble across Nerd Fitness and they can truly be themselves,” he told WSJ. “They can talk about squats and deadlifts and vegetables, and Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, and be accepted for it.”

Nerd Fitness has a set of “Rules of the Rebellion,” the first of which is “We don’t care about where you came from, only where you’re going.” The set of rules outline the philosophy behind Nerd Fitness.

Kamb held a Camp Nerd Fitness on September 12-21, in Clayton, GA, where, in his pre-camp promo video he explained it was “the first time we are ever bringing together the Nerd Fitness community in one location.”

The goal of the weekend, according to Kamb, was for those who came “to have every single tool and all the confidence you need to to get started with getting healthy and get started down that path to a leveled up life.”

On the Camp Nerd Fitness website, Kamb explained what kind of activities were available during camp: “We’re flying in experts from a wide variety of disciplines: strength training, cooking, gymnastics, gaming, parkour, yoga, confidence, martial arts, and much more.”

Kamb posted this photo on Instagram from the weekend:

Kamb also leads by example in the gym. Check it:

Nerd Fitness has helped inspire people to change their lives, the transformation of Dave Ferguson a prime example. So if this melange of comic-loving, movie-maniac, gamer-guys if your cup of tea, why not reach out and give it a go. May the force be with you!

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