Heavy Treadmill Use May Hinder Parkinson’s Disease

Image via Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

According to a new study, those diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease should invest in a pair of running kicks.

A New York Times article about a JAMA Neurology Network published study states that intense treadmill usage might just slow the advancement of the disease in adults facing early stages. There is no cure for Parkinson’s but there are certain drugs that will slow down symptoms, but according to the article they will start losing effectiveness over time.

The researchers are hoping that through activities like exercise, treadmill use at the disease’s beginning stages will delay symptoms in younger patients, therefore prolonging the need for drugs. Once the patient does need the drugs, they will work longer into the person’s life.

Three phases of the study were conducted where factors like speed and incline were manipulated for the treadmill use of the subjects. Some continued the strenuous treadmill exercises after the study and some returned to not hitting the treadmill. Those who continued saw no worsening in their disease, and those who dropped the regimen did, according to the study.

While the Times article and the study believe the findings are hopeful, it is stressed that anyone with Parkinson’s consults a physician and trainer before entering into any new, strenuous workout program.

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