Heidi Klum Ate a Big Mac and Fries During New York Fashion Week!

Heidi Klum Ate a Big Mac and Fries During New York Fashion Week!

Last night, supermodels Heidi Klum and Gabriel Aubry descended upon the IAC Building in the Meatpacking District to celebrate INC International Concepts 30 year anniversary. The really, really, ridiculously good looking pair (as Derek Zoolander would describe them) are the campaign stars of the brand’s 30th anniversary, limited-edition men’s and women’s capsule collection.

The pair were joined by Karolina Kurkova, Christina Millian and Shaun Ross to help celebrate the launch. But before we let them loose on the step-and-repeat, we had a few questions for the pair who, despite only meeting months ago, were overflowing with an almost sibling-like candor.

Men’s Fitness: Both in the campaign, and here right now, you guys appear to be having a lot of fun. What was the atmosphere like on set?

Heidi: We listened to fun music, we danced around, we joked around.

Gabriel: We’re comfortable.

Heidi: You’re nice, so it’s easy.

Men’s Fitness: Is she nice?

Gabriel: Very nice. Very outgoing. I like that in a woman.

Heidi: I’m like a Jack Russell Terrier [she begins to bark.] 

Men’s Fitness: I’m sure you get asked to be a part of many campaigns, why INC?

Heidi: For me it was because I already had a relationship with INC. I thought it was nice to do the campaign again having worked on their campaign 18 years ago, which was one of my first professional jobs.

Gabriel: Not a bad first gig to have. For me, I had a previous relationship with Macy’s and when they said you’re going to be with Heidi, come on, it wasn’t that hard a decision.

Heidi: And we look really good together. Two blondes. Sometimes it can be…

Gabriel: … meh.

Heidi: But I don’t think that was the case here.

Men’s Fitness: Do you still get excited for NYFW?

Heidi: I do–though I watch most of it on the Internet these days. I like to go to some shows, like my friend Michael Kors, if I can. And of course I pay attention to my Project Runway designers. They’re still super green still and very excited.

Gabriel: Let me ask you something, do they do men or do they only do women?

Heidi: They’re not very good at menswear. We’ve done menswear challenges and they’re not very good at it. They only have a day or two to make an outfit, and to do a whole tailored suit is virtually impossible.

Men’s Fitness: What do you guys do to stay in shape?

Gabriel: I just started doing CrossFit. I was reluctant for some time but finally caved in.

Heidi: I mean, you’re fit, but you’re not mega-buff. I’m just saying, it’s not like you have these big gigantic arms… [she takes hold of his bicep as he flexes]

Gabriel: … unless I really go hard at it. And then!

Heidi: I run on the treadmill whenever I can. Otherwise I run after my kids.

Men’s Fitness: Do you have to diet?

Gabriel: I’ve always eaten well so that was never really a problem.

Heidi: I mean, you are what you eat. So if you just eat potato chips and donuts…

Men’s Fitness: What about a cheat meal?

Heidi: Yesterday I had a Big Mac & french fries. I was starving and running late so I ordered McDonald’s. 

Gabriel: You did not. Fries I would do, but a Big Mac never.

Heidi: I love it! The special sauce. That weird pickle in there.

Gabriel: Is it really a pickle though? 

Heidi: Who knows what it is but I love it. I’m loving it!

Men’s Fitness: Heidi, you’re known for your show-stopping Halloween costumes. Can you tease anything?

Heidi: I’ve been thinking about it, I’ve been working on it. I usually start in June. But no hints.

Gabriel: Mine’s a little more kid friendly.

Heidi: He puts on a red nose.

And with that, the two were whisked off by their handlers as the flashbulbs erupted amidst screams of “Heidi!” and “Gabriel!” 

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