Henry Cavill Reveals His Favorite Steamy Cardio Workout on “The Tonight Show”

Henry Cavill Reveals His Favorite Steamy Cardio Workout on “The Tonight Show”

Henry Cavill revealed his favorite cardio exercise on “The Tonight Show” Wednesday night—and let’s say that while it’s an unconventional form of burning calories, it’s definitely an effective one.

“What do you do for cardio?” host Jimmy Fallon asked Cavill, the star of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. who is currently gracing the cover of our September issue.

“I—run,” Cavill said with a wry smile. “That’s the savory answer.”

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“So what do you really do?” Fallon prodded.

Cavill paused, earning whoops and cheers from the audience. “I think they get it,” he said.

“Oh, oh, oh, I get it,” Fallon said, realizing that Cavill’s cardio of choice involves, well, you probably get it too. “Well yeah, you burn a lot of calories.”

“I try,” Cavill said with a grin.

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Cavill’s workouts involve more than—ahem—cardio, though.

“You’re Superman,” Fallon said to Cavill after flashing a copy of Men’s Fitness. “You have to be in awesome shape.”

“I have to be, for the movie,” Cavill said.

“Do you gain weight back?”

“Yeah, I put weight on and then lose it again when we start shooting.”

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“So what does Superman eat?” Fallon asked.

“He eats lots of things,” said Cavill. (In his cover story, he admits to being something of a foodie—a habit that earned him the nickname Fat Cavill in school). “If I’m mass building, I’ll eat burgers and stuff.”

Fallon admitted he was even a little nervous interviewing the actor behind the Man of Steel. The reason? “I’d never even come close to having an arm that is close to the size of your arm,” he said. “Your arm is the size of my leg.”

Cavill admitted his busy filming schedule has him hitting the gym often, since pre-production for the new Justice League: Part 1 begins in January. (Zack Snyder’s superhero epic, the DC answer to Disney/Marvel’s Avengers franchise, is set to hit theaters in November 2017.)

When the two were discussing Cavill’s movie The Man From U.N.C.L.E., which opens Friday, Fallon even let a little spoiler slip: It turns out a certain British soccer legend-turned-model even makes a brief cameo in Guy Ritchie’s comedy/spy thriller. (We won’t ruin it for you.)

Speaking of spoilers, Fallon let his viewers in on a little secret during his opening monologue.

“I was almost on the cover of [Men’s Fitness],” Fallon mused.

“Oh yeah? How’d that turn out?” quipped his sideman, Steve Higgins.

“I got the cover of Doughy magazine,” Fallon said glumly.

No hard feelings, Jimmy. But remember—you can always hit the gym with Henry Cavill’s Superman workout.

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