Henry Cavill Shares a Sneak Peek of Superman’s New Black Suit

Henry Cavill Shares a Sneak Peek of Superman’s New Black Suit

It looks like Superman will be donning some new threads.

Henry Cavill, our September 2016 cover star, offered a detailed look at what we can only imagine is a new suit for the Man of Steel, with only one clue: “#Superman.”


Posted by Henry Cavill on Monday, August 15, 2016

Cool, right? But here’s the main question: When will we see the Son of Krypton wear it?

If you’ve seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or read Henry Cavill’s cover feature from our September 2016 issue—and if you haven’t, you can read the whole story here—you know that Superman was looking a little bit, um, worse for the wear by the end of the film. And while the initial Comic-Con trailer for Justice League offered a glimpse of several DC heroes, there’s still no sign of Superman.

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So there are a few possibilities. Superman could show up in Justice League, which would be a little, uh, surprising, if only because he didn’t look too hot at the end of his latest movie. Alternatively, he could be appearing in that rumored standalone sequel for Man of Steel—and if that’s the case, then Cavill’s Facebook post is essentially a confirmation, albeit an enigmatic one, that the sequel is happening.

So there you have it: Superman will (probably) return. It’s only a matter of time.


Posted by Henry Cavill on Saturday, July 23, 2016

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