Here’s How Long It Takes to Get Hired for a New Job


Waiting to hear about a position you’re up for? Well, pitch a tent: The hiring process now takes an average of 23 days, up from 12 days in ’09, Glassdoor Economic Research reports.

Times are usually shorter at firms with fewer than 10 employees and longer at larger companies, whose hiring procedures are often more unwieldy. They’re also longer for skilled workers, like database administrators (25.5 days) than for unskilled, like bartenders (5.7).

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Likely cause: The increasing use of time-consuming screening methods, like background checks and skill/drug/personality tests, which can make for better job matching but are a real drag for applicants.

To speed up the process, tackle the issue up front, says Glassdoor’s Andrew Chamberlain, Ph.D.: “Ask the hiring manager what he or she needs from you and when. That will help prevent delays.”

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