Here’s a Look at the ‘Lengerie’ Football League’s New Uniforms for 2017

Legends Football League uniforms 2017 / @myLFL via Instagram

Of course you watch the Legends Football League—formerly known as the Lingerie Football League—for all the athleticism and hard-hitting action, but there’s another element to the game that some guys also appreciate: the players’ uniforms (or lack thereof).

Back in its infancy, the all-female league made headlines with the teams’ super-skimpy apparel that, uh, accentuated the assets of each squad.

Over the years, the uniforms have evolved to a more sporty look, eliminating the lingerie accents altogether. “In 2013 there was a complete change of fabric to performance compression wear,” the league’s media relations director, Philip Darnell, said in a press release. “Fast-forward to 2017, [and] the next major evolution of the on-field uniform has arrived: full pants uniforms, which will place more of the viewer’s attention on the athlete and sport as well as providing greater safety for athletes.”

Apparently the full pants concept didn’t receive the overwhelming support the league had hoped for, so the skimpy shorts version was put back into play and prominently featured in promotions for the upcoming season. As for the pants, which were believed to add more credibility to the game and safety for the players? They’ll just be worn for the final game of the season. (Don’t think the protests letters will be jamming the mail boxes of league officials anytime soon.)

Chicago BLISS 2017 uniform, early fan favorite. #Kickoff2017

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The Burgh. 2017.

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