Here’s What the ‘ideal Male Body’ Looks Like in 19 Countries Around the World

via Superdrug Online Doctor

Some women—particularly American women—like their men carved and chiseled: the arms and abs of a Roman statue, the abdominal V of a Ken doll, and the rugged good looks of literally any member of Ocean’s Eleven.

But that’s America. Travel around the world, and you’ll notice that the perfect male physique changes depending on who’s looking for it. Some women, for example, will pass on an eight-pack in favor of grizzly-sized guy with boulder shoulders and the semblance of a beer belly. Others yet are content with your average skinny guy.

And we have the photos to prove it.

The U.K.-based Internet medical service Superdrug Online Doctor (weird name, we know) commissioned graphic designers from 19 countries around the world to Photoshop one image of a man to reflect what the designers imagined would reflect their country’s preferences. (The project drew inspiration from journalist Esther Honig’s 2014 “Before and After” series, in which she asked 25 designers around the world to retouch her photo according to local beauty standards.)

Here’s the original photo the designers received:

via Superdrug Online Doctor

So no, the original “model” isn’t going to win any IFBB physique competitions anytime soon.

Below are some of the composites from Superdrug Online Doctor‘s survey. Some designers—like those in the U.S., Egypt, and the Philippines—opted for the sculpted physique.


Others stayed closer to the original, as in Pakistan, Nigeria, and Spain.

via Superdrug Online Doctor
via Superdrug Online Doctor

And the U.K. was notable for seriously thinning out the test subject, who seems to have miraculously lost his love handles and gut.

Check out the full roster, with comparisons, at the original site.

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