Hey Robot, Make Me a Sandwich


Having trouble with portion control or sticking to a nutrition plan? Is it too much of an inconvenience to prepare all your own healthy meals every day? Well, you could be in luck.

According to Mashable, scientists at the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group from the Technical University of Munich have developed two robots that can make you a sandwich and get you a drink. and by the names of Rosie and James have been programmed with culinary skills.

TUM-Rosie has a built-in camera, two four-fingered hands and has enough cognition to toast and put spread on bread, handle cheese and sandwich meats, and arrange them into a sandwich for you. Meanwhile, TUM-James is a mobile robot with a Kinect 3D camera sensor that allows him to get things for you.

Soon enough, we’ll have robots keeping track of our caloric intake, creating shopping lists (and doing our shopping) and maybe they’ll even start chasing us around with cattle prods and forcing us to go to the gym.

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