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Most fat-loss workouts can sap your strength faster than a nasty bout of Dengue fever. Those workouts typically feature high-repetition sets performed with light weights, a system that leaves you weak and fat, since it doesn’t adequately challenge your muscles or stimulate your metabolism. The solution: a workout that features heavy weights combined with low repetitions. It’s not only the best way to maintain superstrength, but it’s also essential for boosting your metabolism and maxim-izing your rate of fat loss. The reason: When you lift weights, you damage your muscle fibers. After your workout, your body begins to repair those fibers, a process that requires energy, also known as calories. Because you’ll recruit more muscle with heavier weights, you’ll increase the number of fibers that are damaged and burn more calories after you’ve finished your workout than you would by using lighter weights and more repetitions. But to make this workout as effective as possible, I’ve added a couple of other components.

Do this workout as a circuit, performing one set of each of the six exercises before resting. This burns more calories than conventional weight training and increases the time you get to rest before repeating an exercise. That allows specific muscle groups to recover between sets–keeping their ability to generate strength high–while forcing your cardiovascular system to work overtime. The final trick you’ll employ is to increase gradually the amount of time you spend lifting compared with the amount of time you spend resting. So in the four-week plan that follows, you’ll decrease your rest between circuits a little each week, increasing the metabolic demand of the workout while maintaining your strength.

I recommend you do this workout just twice a week. That probably comes as a shocker if you’re used to working out more frequently to lose fat. But to keep your strength while on a low-calorie diet–the final and essential part to this fat-loss-workout–you’ll absolutely need those extra days to recover. One of the main problems with dieting is that it often lowers your levels of muscle-building hormones such as testosterone. That’s not only bad for your muscles, it can also lead to depression and ultimately sink your diet and exercise plan. Luckily, heavy lifting stimulates an increase in those muscle-building hormones, keeping you motivated to stay in the gym and out of Dunkin’ Donuts. Try this workout for just 30 days and you’ll burn fat faster than ever while your strength levels soar. (For best results, try to avoid tropical diseases.)

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