The High Intensity Anti-‘Dad Bod’ Workout

The High Intensity Anti-‘Dad Bod’ Workout

According to the New York Times, “On average, dads are 10 pounds heavier than non-dads; they’re carrying nearly an extra two inches on their waist; and their bellies stick out an extra half-inch.” If you’re interested in sculpting your own dad bod, check out 10 Keys to a Perfect Dad Bod (tips include working out on the elliptical and eating lots of fried food and candy.) Or, if you’d prefer a fitter physique, keep reading…

“The new ‘trend’ suggests women are more attracted to [the dad bod] than a chiseled, Brad Pitt-like body,” says celeb trainer and Barry’s Bootcamp partner Derek DeGrazio. “My suggestion to Dads: do my workout and lose the 10 pounds. Do you really think women would be more attracted to Brad Pitt if he had a gut?”

The answer to dad bod-proofing your body, according to DeGrazio: High Intensity Interval Training. “This form of exercise is one of the most effective training methods to promote fat burning,” he says. That’s the not-so secret to the success of Barry’s Bootcamp classes where participants alternate between treadmill intervals and strength rounds on the floor. (In fact, Barry’s is one of the 9 fitness classes we suggest you try in 2015.)

You will burn fat. You will build lean muscle. You will continue to burn calories for hours post-workout. You will part ways with your Dad Bod.”

To get started? Do this 20-minute Anti-‘Dad Bod’ routine from DeGrazio three times a week.

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The Set-Up


Treadmill and 2 Dumbbells. 

Beginner – 15lbs
Intermediate – 20lbs
Advanced – 25lbs

Speed Suggestions:
Jog –    Beginner 5.0 
           Intermediate 6.0
           Advanced 7.0
Run – Beginner 6.0 
           Intermediate 7.0
           Advanced 8.0
Strong Run (SR) –
           Beginner 7.0
           Intermediate 8.0
           Advanced 9.0
Sprint -Beginner 8.0+
           Intermediate 9.0+
           Advanced 10.0+

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The Workout

You’ll complete four 5-minute rounds, alternating between cardio intervals on the treadmill and strength training on the floor. 

Perform each exercise on the floor for 60 seconds, reaching failure each set.

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Minutes 1-5: Treadmill Intervals

0-1 – Jog 

1-2 – Run 

2-3 – Jog 

3-4 – Run

4-5 – SR

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Minutes 5-10: Strength Training

5-6 – Push-ups – on hands and balls of feet, hands under shoulders, bend at elbows, lower chest to the floor, press up.

6-7 – Planks – on elbows, forearms, and balls of feet. Keep body in straight alignment, inhale and exhale while maintaining this position for 60 seconds. 

7-8 – Push/Plank – Start in plank position, push up into push-up position, leading with your left arm, then right arm, Then return back to plank leading with your left then right. Continue for 60 seconds alternating each arm.

8-9 – Knee to Elbow – Holding the top of a push-up, slowly take your right knee toward your left elbow, keeping your back flat. Then back to push-up position. Continue to alternate each side for 60 seconds.

9-10 – Plank 30 sec. Plank Jacks 30 sec. – In plank position quickly jump your legs in and out on the balls of your feet.

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Minutes 10-15: Treadmill Intervals

10-11 – Jog

11-12 – Run

12-13 – SR

13-14 – Jog

14-15 – Sprint 

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Minutes 15-20: Strength Training

15-16 – Bicep Curls w/ weights – stand with a weight in each hand, arms extending down, palms facing forward. Exhale, curl the weights about 75% up, inhale, bring the weights back to starting position. 

16-17 – Squats w/ weights – stand with weights at your sides, leading with your backside, weight on your heels, sit back in a squat position, bending at your knees, hips back, stop at a 90-degree angle, exhale, press through heals, return to top. 

17-18 – Shoulder Press w/ weights – stand with weights in each hand, arms at 90-degree angles, palms facing forward. Exhale, press weights over head, locking elbows out at top, back straight, inhale, return to starting position. 

18-19 – Tricep kick back w/ weights – stand with weights in each hand, soft bend at knees, small bend at back, keep back straight, elbows even with back, exhale, kick arms back behind you, rotating wrists back as well, inhale, return to starting position. 

19-20 – Burpees – no weights, feet hip width, squat down to a 90-degree angle, jump legs back into the top of a pushup, jump legs back into chest, feet under shoulders, stand up, and jump toward the sky. Repeat for 60 seconds. 

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