Holly Holm Meets Jay-Z and Beyonce, Promptly Forgets Beyonce’s Name


Morning, gents. Here’s the latest in cool stuff from around the Internet to kick off your Thanksgiving weekend on Wednesday, Nov. 2:

“Mrs. Jay-Z” Is the Wrong Answer: Holly Holm might have shocked the world with her second-round knockout of Ronda Rousey, but the newly crowned MMA champion is still adjusting to the spotlight. Case in point: On the red carpet at the Cotto-Alvarez fight in Vegas on Saturday, she introduced herself to Jay-Z and then asked Beyonce—a woman so famous she doesn’t even use a last name—what her name was. “As I am shaking her hand, I am thinking, ‘Why did I just say that?'” she told KRQE. Oh, and for future reference: You bow before the queen, Holly. [Washington Post]

Your Pre-Thanksgiving Workout: Just in time for the holiday season (and all the associated food binges), we’re rolling out the Holiday Gut Check Workouts, a series of quick workouts designed to incinerate all those extra calories with plenty of time to shuttle between holiday parties. And if you choose not to celebrate this most American of holidays, the workouts are still perfectly good. [Men’s Fitness]

The Ultimate Recovery Meal: This might sound like heresy, but it’s 100% possible to craft a flavor-packed Thanskgiving meal without loading up on all those unnecessary fat-and-sugar bombs. For the best Turkey Day recipes that won’t wreck your six-pack, check out our “Feast Like a Beast” feature. [Men’s Fitness]

For Everyone on Your List: Look, even if you’re one of those guys who enjoys shopping, there’s a certain amount of stress that comes with picking out the so-called perfect gift for everyone on your list during the holidays. We’re here to say: It doesn’t have to be that way! Check out our 2015 Gift Guides, hit up the Internet, and retake your gym time on Black Friday. [Men’s Fitness]

Crushin’ Some Nuts: Jim Harbaugh, the famously khaki-clad coach of Michigan football, took part in the team’s ritual smashing of a buckeye seed—the symbol of arch-rival Ohio State—on the grave of his predecessor, Bo Schembechler. It’s an annual tradition for the Wolverines, but the first time a coach has joined in. If none of this is making any sense, that’s okay: It’s college football. [The Detroit News]

Manziel Benched: Johnny Manziel, better known as “Johnny Football” from his days quarterbacking Texas A&M, has been demoted from starter to third-string status on the Cleveland freaking Browns. Sucks, too, because “Johnny Benchwarmer” just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. [CBS Sports]

Marvel News, Part I: Marvel just dropped the hotly anticipated first trailer for Captain America: Civil War, the third movie in the Cap franchise, which sees the star-spangled hero (a somewhat thinner-looking Chris Evans) and Falcon (Anthony Mackie) face off against Tony Stark’s Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.). Watch closely and you’ll catch a glimpse of Black Panther.

Marvel News, Part II: The comic/film studio juggernaut announced yesterday that the wheels are in motion on Doctor Strange, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular hero (some combination of Sherlock Holmes and Alan Turing, probably), plus Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, and Mads Mikkelsen.


Doctor Strange begins production! Get the full cast list and more, now: http://bit.ly/1NbIJNS

Posted by Marvel on Tuesday, November 24, 2015