Hollywood Muscle: How to Body Sculpt Like J.K. Simmons


Long before he was cast as Commissioner James Gordon in 2017’s Justice League, even before he won an Oscar for his role as a maniacal music teacher in 2014’s Whiplash, actor J.K. Simmons decided he needed to get fit.

Enter trainer Aaron Williamson, the ex-Marine who’d gotten Jamie Foxx jacked for Django Unchained, Josh Brolin buff for Oldboy, and Dwayne Johnson shredded for GI Joe: Retaliation. He helped Simmons completely recharge and remold his body, getting him into the best shape of his entire life.

But that still wasn’t enough for the 61-year-old actor. Last January, he decided to amp it up even further (and not because Justice League was about to start filming, an assumption Simmons called “a gigantic misconception”), and set even more ambitious fitness goals.

“We wanted his body to pop more,” says Williamson. Together they sculpted Simmons’ chest and arms using blood-volume training, which relies on “giant supersets” to flush high volumes of blood to specific areas of the body, yet maintain joint and ligament integrity.

Williamson was shocked by how fast photos of Simmons’ massively ripped arms went viral. “J.K.’s very intense with everything he does,” he says. “He wanted to see just how far he could take it.”

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