The At-Home Workout Every Athlete Should Do Before Game Time

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Watch how today’s top professional athletes warm up before game time and you’ll see that they hop, skip, jump, and roll around on the ground to prepare for their competition. 

Whether you’re about to do a long endurance run, take part in an obstacle-course race, perform a CrossFit WOD, play pickup basketball, go to the gym, or do anything in between, the purpose of the pre-event workout is twofold: First, to prepare your body so that it’s ready to perform optimally, and second, to prevent injury. The ideal pre-event workout consists of two basic elements: a dynamic warmup and self myofascial release, both of which can be done right in your home.

Get your mind and body in the zone with this at-home athletic pregame workout.


Perform each exercise for 10-15 yards, up and back. If you’re in a tight area, use the space you have, repeating the moves that require more space until you’ve reached a total of 10-15 yards.


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  1. Skipping
  2. High Knees
  3. Carioca
  4. Side Shuffle
  5. Backward Running
  6. Butt Kicks
  7. Alternating Toe-to-Hand Kicks
  8. Fast Feet
  9. Alternating Lunge with hips pushed forward
  10. Jumping Jacks

Roll each muscle for 30-60 seconds
IT Bands

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