The Hotel Body-Weight Workout

If you’re a diehard workout warrior or take your training seriously, traveling can be your worst enemy at times. In these instances, fast-paced, body-weight circuits are your best bet to fit a hectic schedule. While on location at the Royal Palm South Beach Hotel in South Beach, Miami we asked trainer Justin Klein, CSCS and founder of T2Performance to program and design a body-weight workout for anyone, anywhere, at anytime. 


> Squat/Lunge Combo – 10 reps
> Close-Grip Push Up – 10 reps
> Full Sit Up – 10 reps
> Side Lunge – 10 reps per side
> Walk Out – 10 reps
> V-Sit Up – 10 reps

* Complete the circuit for 3-5 rounds. Take 60 seconds rest in between rounds.

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