How a 57-year-old Whittled Down to 7% Body Fat

Tom Tank: How A 57-Year-Old Whittled Down To 7% Body Fat
 Darren Hauck

The 7% (fat solution)

Age: 57
Residence: Mequon, WI
Height: 6’2″
Starting weight: 195 lbs
Current weight: 165 lbs
Total pounds lost: 30
Starting body fat: 15.5%
Current body fat: 7%

Life looked fine one year ago for 57-year-old Tom Tank. The Wisconsin native had spent 17 years building a successful company; ran a bit; and, at around the 200-lb mark, felt he was in “decent enough” shape.

Then his manufacturing business fell apart—taking his confidence with it. “It was one of those moments you think, ‘What am I going to do, sit here and cry about it?’” he recalls. Instead, he decided to “go all-in” and remake his entire life, dropping 30lbs so he could restart a career he’d left behind decades before.

Never thinking he was past his peak, Tank now feels he’s “in the best condition of my life.”

Men’s Fitness: Did you have an “aha” moment?

When my manufacturing business started crumbling, I knew I could either stay the course or remake myself at 56.

I’d done some modeling in the late ’70s—people told me I looked like John Travolta—and now I wondered, “Could I get my body back to that place? Would there be a market for a skinny, bald, old dude?”

So I sat my three kids down and said, “Dad’s changing careers—it’s important to follow your dreams, so I’m going to do something I’m passionate about.”

How did you do it?

I’d been a soft 200lbs—then I read “The 7% body fat diet” in the Men’s Fitness July/August 2016 issue and started taking fitness seriously.

Not until I began resistance training and a nutrition plan did my body composition start to change. And I got to that 7%!

How have those changes affected your life?

Since then I’ve opened up my own fitness facility aimed at baby boomers, and even signed a two-year contract with a national talent agency. I guess there really is a market for this skinny, bald, old dude!

Any advice for someone in the same situation?

Get your local paper and look in the obituaries for someone in their 50s—it won’t take long. Read about the loved ones who’ll miss him. You’ll realize you have to do it not just for yourself but for everyone who loves you. You have one body—own it.

What’s your motto now?

“There’s life after 50”—I’m the proof of concept!

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