How to Be the Most Interesting Man in the Bar

How to Be the Most Interesting Man in the Bar

While alcohol in moderation may help people get along, we all know what happens when we’ve had one too many.

AskMen shares a few tips on how to simultaneously avoid the dark side of booze and be the most interesting man at the bar.

Have a Drinking Game Plan
Like any sport, a lack of strategy will ensure your spot in the loser’s corner.  Drinking at the bar is no different. Next time you go out, stop drinking at midnight and immediately start consuming water. This will help keep you from going over the edge and will guarantee you the best luck with the ladies when the rest of your friends are sloppy drunk.

Wow Friends and Hot Girls with this Trading Places Trick
Ask the bartender to fill two shot glasses: one with heavy liqueur and one with water.  Place your ID on top of the liqueur shot and slowly turn the glass over onto the glass of water, allowing your ID to rest between the two shots.  Once you carefully slide your ID out of the middle, the liqueur will sink into the bottom glass, while the water rises.  Offer the shot of liqueur to that hot girl eyeing your trick, and you might as well be Barney Stinson (“How I Met Your Mother”).

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