How Being Angry Can Kill You


If you’re frequently feeling heated, try these breathing exercises to calm yourself down now. According to this new study in the journal Social Science and Medicine, anger is directly linked to an earlier death.

Researchers crunched 35 years worth of data from 1,307 20- to 40-year-old men who participated in the Panel Study of Income Dynamics. As part of the study, the men answered survey questions yearly. For example, they were asked if they “get angry fairly easily” or, if it takes “a lot to get them angry.”

Turns out, the people in the “top quartile” (AKA the angriest 25% of the men) had a 1.57 fold increase in the risk of dying at follow-up, compared to the least angry folks. 

So, how do they link anger and mortality? “Prior work has linked anger with a variety of negative physiological processes, including atherosclerosis and endothelial dysfunction,” the researchers say, both serious diseases which can impair health and result in a heart attack.

On a more pleasant note, this study found that happiness is linked to living longer. Try these foods to boost your mood and find out what makes people truely happy here.

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