How to Bench 225 Pounds Like the Players at the NFL Combine

Joey Bosa Chargers
Courtesy of MET-Rx

“You need to bump up your max so it’s well beyond 225,” says Arizona Cardinals strength and conditioning coach Buddy Morris. That doesn’t mean just lifting heavy—you also need to build power to fire the bar up off your chest.

Morris recommends training the bench press twice a week. One day, work up to a weight you can lift only three to five times.

Three days later, do eight sets of three reps using 50–60% of your one-rep max, resting one minute between sets. Do these reps as explosively as you can, lowering and pressing the bar fast.

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On both days, after benching, “do either dumbbell pressing or some pushup variation,” says Morris. “I’d also hammer triceps and upper back to death.”

For reference, the combine record since 2011 is 49 reps, done by 303-pound Oregon State University defensive tackle Stephen Paea.

So, yeah, good luck!

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