How Brandon Boyd Stays in Shape

Mj 618_348_how brandon boyd stays in shape
Ricardo Trejo Chavez / Getty Images

Brandon Boyd has two very good reasons to stay in shape. He’s a touring musician who spends most of the year on the road with either Incubus, the band that launched him to stardom in the nineties, or Sons of the Sea, his new pop project. He asks a lot of his vocal chords and lungs and says he has to “take care of the ‘instrument’ so it doesn’t suck.” He’s also a skinny guy with a beautiful wife. “I want to look acceptable for my loved one,” he says. “I work at it.”

Brandon’s workout strategy owes a lot to his childhood in Los Angeles, where he still lives. He began surfing at age 11 and flirted with going pro before deciding his future was on stage. Today, Brandon rides waves from “El Porto to the County Line” and relishes the opportunity to hit famous breaks abroad. He’s traveled to Australia, Hawaii, and even Tavarua, a remote Fijian island, to surf. 

“There’s something democratizing about a black wet suit,” he says. “We all look like skinny sea lions so I don’t get recognized much.”

He’s also a bike nerd, who owns around 12 bikes – he gives them away so the number fluctuates – and frequently rides three of them, including a Dutch box bike he sometimes uses to carry his surfboard. “I bike most places so people around here think I’m crazy.”

When he’s not on the bike, the board, or the stage, Boyd spends a lot of time working out his core and his back and doing Pilates. The core and back work are largely to facilitate better performances. “I’m projecting from my core,” he explains, adding that Pilates, which he was introduced to by his wife, helps him avoid the injuries that have long plagued him. “When you’re lanky, being flexible and strong is super important.” And Boyd is certainly both. When he howls, the tendons in his neck and arms rise under his numerous tattoos.

“I know the way I look matters because I’m in front of people,” Boyd says, “so I allow myself a little bit of vanity – but I try to avoid it.”

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