How to Create Your Own Obstacle Course Run


Tear a page from Spartan pro racer David Magida’s playbook with this grueling course. And we’ll be honest: While most obstacle courses are typically pretty fun, this one happens to be pretty kick-ass. You’ll need a hill, a creek, something you can use as a barrier to climb under or over (picnic tables work), and a bucket of something heavy.

1) Starting in a field, sprint up and down a big hill.
2) Jump into a creek, wade down it for 30 yards, then climb out on the other side.
3) Sprint to picnic tables and do an army crawl beneath them.
4) Sprint to the other side of a field where more picnic tables are set up in an over-under-over-under series.
5) Sprint back across the field and perform 10 burpees.
6) Pick your way across a “lily pad” rock formation.
7) Plank.
8) Shoulder a bucket of gravel, carry it 100 yards out and 100 yards back.

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