How to Do a Dumbbell High Pull

The high pull is a compound exercise that targets not only those hard-to-hit back muscles (like the rhomboids), but also all three deltoid heads. It’s an essential muscle-building move for lifters focusing on carving up their backs and shoulders without doing endless presses and pullups. Furthermore, the explosive extension will help train the posterior chain—hamstrings, glutes, and lower back—and condition your body for other explosive moves like the clean or the snatch.

The keys to this exercise are explosiveness and posture. You should keep the tips below in mind if you want to maximize the time you spend on the high pull.

– Hands at shoulder width. 

– Stand with feet at shoulder width. 

– Engage your core. Keep your torso upright. 

– Lower the weight to just above your knee. 

– Explosively extend hips and pull the weight up and away from body.

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