How Fast Are You Compared to the Rest of American Men?


With marathon training in full swing, we now have the 2014 US running stats. This year, nearly 19 million people finished foot races in the US. That’s up 300% from 1990. While running reached its peak in 2013, half marathons are up this year, with more than 2 million people completing races. The 5k is as popular as ever, with 8.3 million finishers.

You might think that a lot of those runners are kids in high school and college who run on teams, but you would be wrong: More than half of particpants fall between the ages of 25 and 44, with an average of 34 for men.

Wondering how you stack up? The average men’s 5k time was 29:47. The average half marathon and marathon times for men were 2:02:55 and 4:19:27, respectively. 

Of course, these stats don’t account for anywhere near everybody who’s running in the US. They only represent the ones who are participating in timed races. Setting a goal, like an end of summer 5k (or even one of these brewery runs) or a new PR in a longer race, can transform your workout.

And if you already have your challenge ahead of you? Make sure you’ve mastered your form to keep injury away, so you can be among the 19 million (or more!) season after season. 

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