How Fasting Can Rewire Your Metabolism and Help Prevent Dementia

Intermittent fasting
lacaosa / Getty Images

Fasting may be in vogue, but there’s a new, compelling reason to give it a go: It helps alter the circadian rhythms of cells in the body that play a role in avoiding age-related disease, like dementia, according to researchers at the University of California, Irvine.

The Best Diets to Lose Weight, Ranked

The Best Diets to Lose Weight, Ranked

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In lab studies, daylong fasts can rewire metabolism, making it more efficient. This rewiring actually adjusts gene regulation—a process responsible for a lot of cell activity, including preventing disease. So, while, yes, fasting has been linked with better weight-loss results and body composition, there’s a much greater reason to get on board.

Consider a 24-hour fast monthly or another type of intermittent fasting. Here are the three main types, compared.

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