How to Get Jacked Like Jesse Metcalfe

For actor Jesse Metcalfe, there’s definitely no acting involved when it comes to getting in a good workout. While on an east coast visit, the broad-shouldered 37-year-old dropped by the gym to show us a little something about how to get it in.

Anyone that has followed Metcalfe throughout his career knows he’s always been in very good shape—about 170-175 pounds and in the single-digit body fat levels type of shape to be exact. But he doesn’t just carry his weight well in the right places—his body is built for performance and longevity. In our interview prior to the workout (click here to watch), Metcalfe shares a perfect example of where fitness and real-life intersect—his work on sets of action movies such as Dead Rising. Given that the movie is based on a video game about surviving a zombie apocalypse—and the fact that he performs a majority (if not all) of his own stunts—his body needs to be quite resilient.

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The workout demonstration above is one of Jesse Metcalfe’s actual workout routines. It’s well-rounded, highly-functional, and starts off solid with a total-body barbell complex.


Complete 4 sets of 10-­12 reps per exercise. Rest 30-­60 seconds between sets, or as needed.

1. Bar complex: Clean + Squat + Press
2. Bent over row
3. Trap bar deadlift + shrug
4. Weighted wide grip pull up
5. Side plank + lateral raise

Jesse wears Nike METCON 2

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