How Mark Cuban Came to Rule the Mavs, the ‘Shark Tank,’ and the World at Large


In his debut monthly column for Men’s Fitness, everyone’s favorite billionaire investor, NBA owner, TV star, fitness fiend, and all-around guy’s guy reveals the very high-level secrets behind his winning ways.

Mark Cuban is a businessman, investor, and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. Follow him on Twitter.

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What’s the Best Decision You Ever Made?

Careerwise, it was learning how to sell, which meant I could always find a job. It also meant that any company I ever started would always have a chance of survival.

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What’s the Smartest Thing You Ever Spent Money on? The Dumbest?

Smartest? A plane. It is obviously brutally expensive, but time is the one asset we simply don’t own. It saves me hours and hours. And the dumbest? Let’s see… if I could remember them, I could list you a couple hundred bar tabs with my buddies.

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How Much Money Is ‘Enough?’

“Enough” is what it takes to not worry about the bills. “A lot” is enough that you never have to worry about working again. “Fuck you” money means you can rent a jet to go wherever you want, whenever you want, and no party is out of reach. “Fuck everyone” money means you can have your favorite band in your backyard, not care how much it costs, and lend them your jet to get there.

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How Can You Tell the Difference Between a Good Idea and a Bad Idea?

By whether or not the person started a company around it. Ideas are worthless until you do something with them.

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What’s the Real Key to Your Success?

I grind harder than anyone.

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If You Could Live Your 20s or 30s Again, What Would You Do More—and Less—of?

Are you kidding me? Wouldn’t change a damn thing.

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What Things Have You Found Are Important in Life, and What Really Aren’t?

Family, time, being nice, not being stressed are things that make a difference. Trying to have more than the next guy isn’t.

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What Do You Say to Yourself When You Fail at Something?

What can I learn? Whose ass am I going to kick in business to get back in the win column?

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What Do You Do When You Get Mad?

Shoot baskets.

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How Do You Choose Your Friends—What’s Most Important?

I don’t choose new friends. I’ve had mine forever.

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What Are the Best Things a Boss Can Do to Run a Healthy Company and Have Happy Employees?

Have a vision for the company. Know what it takes to get there, and share that with your employees and customers. Realize you’re responsible for everything. Be involved in sales. Understand that your employees have goals that may not match yours. You have to give them a reason to adapt to the vision. Be nice and reduce the stress of those around you. Nice always works better.

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