How Norman Reedus Made His Break

How Norman Reedus Made His Break

A lot of Hollywood’s well-known faces got their big breaks the old fashioned way—struggling, waiting tables in-between auditions until finally, they were “discovered” and the rest is history. But Norman Reedus’ success story isn’t your typical one. He was pretty much discovered while being that guy—the rowdy drunk at a party.

It’s a long (and yes, true) story, but Reedus originally decided to move to L.A. for—what else—a woman. After the inevitable breakup, he found himself stuck at his day job, fixing motorcycles and working for a crappy boss. When a fight erupted between the two, he decided to quit, and found himself at a Hollywood Hills party with a friend later that night. Little did he know, that both of these decisions would ultimately change the course of his life. 

He would end up drinking too much, yelling at people, and walking around wearing broken sunglasses. (So basically, he was you in college.) While some would react to this kind of behavior in a roll-your-eyes-and-try-to-avoid-him way, a person in the crowd must have been entertained and thought Reedus would make a great actor. A week later, he was in a play and already had an agent. 

We’re not exactly sure what this means, but we’re pretty sure it proves the point that if one door closes, another will open. And that Norman Reedus is awesome. 

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