How to Party Better in 2016 and Beyond

Party tips from Andrew WK

When I sat down to talk to rocker and certified party guru Andrew W.K., I fully expected to discuss the particulars of fist-pumping, mosh pit etiquette, and the delicate art of shotgunning beers. Instead, the man that Stoli has dubbed “Professor of the Party,” wearing his trademark dirty white T-shirt, white jeans, and leather boots, launched into a philosophical take on the mentality of partying—the party attitude, if you will. Andrew W.K. has given motiviational talks at Yale, NYU, Carnegie Mellon, and Oxford Union, among others, on his partying philosophy. If you ask him, partying isn’t a event. It’s a state of being. And it never has to end. 

If you want you keep the party going, all you need to do is decide that every moment you’re alive is worth celebrating. “If you’re excited about not being dead, you have a reason to party every day,” Andrew said, before he hosted the 35th anniversary of The Pyramid Club in New York City.

Here’s how to party like a rock star, in five simple lessons:

Treat Every Day Like Friday

We all know that Friday feeling, when you walk out of work and all your stress suddenly evaporates.

Andrew W.K. asks: Why can’t you feel that way every day? “Partying doesn’t need to be a sometimes thing,” he says. “Yeah, you can party on the weekends, New Year’s, on special occasions, but what if you were able to see life itself as a special occasion?”

Why does Monday have to be a drag? Why spend all week waiting for Friday? It can be Friday every day. “Take the attitude that you have during high points like a Friday night and apply it every day, especially in moments when you might need it most.”

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Stick to Something Familiar

Do you any your friends have a favorite meeting place, restaurant or lounge? A bartender who knows your name and favorite drink? Is there one person you send a text to every weekend that reads, “So what’s the move this weekend?”

When it comes to partying, you don’t always need to venture out of your comfort zone to have fun. “We use those as jumping off points,” Andrew says. “So instead of trying to find a new place, you can have a new experience in a familiar place.”

It’s exhausting constantly looking for ways to outdo yourself, he adds. There’s no point in perpetually attempting to top yourself. It’s OK to have a routine and find things that you are certain will work for you. “I love the idea of having reliability and consistency that facilitate totally unpredictable, totally new events.” 

“What might be the best thing about a party one night isn’t even where you go. It could be what you thought about or what you talked about or you could meet someone who said something to you in a different way that made you connect with something in a different way,” says Andrew, who warns against regarding your party experiences as moments of reckless abandon. Avoid saying things like, “Man, I just went crazy last night,” as a way to dismiss that behavior and come back to real life. Hold on to that feeling. Every day is Friday, remember?

Rules? What Rules?

You don’t need a detailed agenda to party. The first and last order of business is having fun. 

“It’s almost counterintuitive to offer too much structure,” Andrew says. “Here’s a place where we’re liberated. Elsewhere in life we have regimented responsibilities. The only responsibility at a party is that we enjoy ourselves. So within that, I’d say that the rule is really that there are no rules.”

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Maintain a Judgement-Free Zone

There’s nothing worse than the guy who’s complaining that you’re not “partying hard enough.” You know these guys, they’re the ones heckling the designated driver and pressuring his friends to invade the group of girls across the room. According to Andrew W.K., everyone has a position to play in this game of partying. Your job is to play yours.

“It’s like a jigsaw puzzle,” he says. “If one piece is out of place it’s not going to fit the big picture. You want to have faith that you’re there to do what you’re going to do. Other people are there to focus on making sure you have a good time and someone else might have a totally different way of going about it or occupy a different role to make the party what it is.”

You know that rhythmless soul doing that ridiculous dance in the middle of the floor? He’s having a great time. And he should be applauded. Every party needs an instigator. 

Don’t Care So Much

There may inevitably be roadblocks in your night, like getting turned away from the club/bar that you planned on crashing. Look at this as an opportunity.

“Never care about not getting in,” says Andrew. “It just means you weren’t meant to go there. And the time you expect you won’t get in, you will. You can have the best time just standing on the sidewalk.”

In fact, the parking lot should be considered hallowed ground. It’s an amazing, magical area where pre-gaming, post-gaming, spontaneous partying and equally spontaneous hook-ups can occur with little to no warning. The point here is that once you’ve decided that it’s going to be a great night, don’t let anything negate that. Embrace whatever experiences present themselves. You don’t have to care so much. 

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