How to Shop for a Memory-Foam Mattress

How to Shop for a Memory-Foam Mattress

As the old children’s tale goes, even Goldilocks had to test a few beds before finding the one that was “just right.” Here’s how to find the perfect memory foam mattress for you.

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1. Try to test it in a store

If you’ve never tried this type of mattress before, head to a local brick-and-mortar store to find out how they feel compared with inner-springs. Although you can get a less expensive foam mattress shipped to your door for free, it’s good to get an idea of the differences.

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2. Don’t go soft in the bed

“If you quickly lie on a store mattress, especially if you’re tired from shopping, you may go too soft,” says Ben Trapskin of the blog It takes about 30 days to tell if a mattress suits you, so if you want to buy right then, go harder than you think—and check the return policy!

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3. Avoid getting high (not like that)

Check the density of the memory foam. “High density” is more durable and firmer and conforms to your body the best, but it can also give you that “stuck” feeling and make your sleep hotter. You want a mattress with a majority of “medium density” foam, which will give you the best feel.

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