How to Throw the Perfect Boxing Punch

Boxing Punch
Westend61/Getty Images

Step by step, take me through throwing the perfect boxing punch. – HANK R., LONG BEACH, CA

“All punches were not created equal,” says Adam Colberg, a pro boxing coach at NYC’s legendary Gleason’s Gym. His perfect punch is an explosive right cross for a right-handed guy, or a left cross for a southpaw.

“One: Start with hands up and left foot forward, elbows resting on your rib cage and your chin tucked. The intention is to strike with the right hand for a powerful punch. Trust that a straight line works: It’s the fastest route from point A to B.

“Two: Keep a good base, with most of your weight on the ball of the rear foot, but not so much that you lose your balance—it should feel as though you’re ready to spring off of it. Keep your hands and shoulders relaxed.

“Three: Initiate the punch with hip drive and pivot, releasing it to its target. Pull your left shoulder back when you throw the right hand.

“Four: As your elbow straightens, make sure the first two knuckles of your hand make impact at the end of the punch. Turn your hand completely over, and at the point of impact tighten the fist and follow through on the target.

“Five: If you keep your weight properly distributed, and you’re not leaning too far forward, you’ll be able to relax and reset immediately. This makes the perfect punch.” 

Use it wisely, ya bum.

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