How to Fend Off the Living Dead


Arm Yourself
Track down a durable melee weapon that doesn’t need reloading. It should be a tool—something with multiple uses, such as a crowbar or a machete.

Don’t Be a Hero
The best way to win a fight is not to get in one. Your goal isn’t victory—it’s survival! The post-zombie world will be littered with the chewed corpses of macho men who just had to try and prove something. Don’t be one of them.

Keep Up Your Cardio
Endurance trumps strength—especially during a zombie outbreak!

Eat or Be Eaten
Nutrition is key, but skip the grocery stores. Why risk getting stabbed with a sharpened screwdriver for a packet of beef jerky? Better to forage. If you can find a safe place with water and a half-decent assortment of plant life, you’ll be set.