How to Lose Weight for the Man On The Go


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Trying to get into shape and lose weight is a commendable goal and one everyone should always have. But the sad truth is that not everyone has the lifestyle to make these goals come to fruition easily. There are many men in the world that have to travel a lot for their work. Traveling does not make it easy to get a workout in. Going out on the road does not guarantee easy access to the kinds of food that keep weight down and keep men on point with their diets. There has to be ways to stay healthy while constantly on the road. Noom can help set goals and give tips for travel based health tips. 

What sets Noom apart from other fitness trackers is that Noom is aware that what keeps people back from getting into proper shape are mental blockages. People can get into bad habits that are detrimental to their health and getting out of these habits is very difficult. People are creatures of habit and breaking from a habit is not easy, especially when unhealthy habits tend to very addicting. 

Unhealthy habits are easy and hit the pleasure centers of the brain whereas healthy living demands some work, at least at the beginning when getting started. Noom is all about building a sense of community to help build each user’s sense of confidence and giving them a support system. What Noom also does is give people a place to get helpful tips on how to build a diet based on each user’s life. 

Traveling guarantees that there will be no sense of consistency in life. No hotel is going to be the same as the one before it and the community around the hotel is going to be different. Food will not be the same and the availability of food won’t be the same in each place. So going out to a restaurant near the hotel is not the most viable idea. There are ways to keep oneself nourished without worrying about the local eateries. 


Find a local supermarket and stock up on the kinds of foods that will not destroy any progress in a diet or weight loss plan. Get some dried fruits, nuts, vegetables or oatmeal. Stuff like this that don’t need much preparation that will keep you healthy but will also keep you full and nourished. 

Now maybe there isn’t a supermarket nearby. It can happen. There are only restaurants nearby or there’s no time to prepare before a business meeting that is taking place in a restaurant. Many restaurants these days are equipped with some kind of healthy options if one knows how to eat properly. And most restaurants are more than well equipped to handle those who are on the Keto Diet. 

Long story short regarding the Keto Diet, all you need to worry about is eating meat and vegetables. No carbs, no sugars, no potatoes. If it’s not a meat or veggie, stay away. And regardless of the type of restaurant one finds themselves in, meat or veggies will be in stock. Keto is an easy diet to keep on track with if traveling is a constant.

There are other options when it comes to the dietary aspect of health that can help with weight loss. One of the easiest and most obvious in hindsight ways to help with weight loss is to fast. Don’t fast for days, but short scale fasts every now and then helps to boost the metabolism and burn fat quicker. So maybe skip breakfast and lunch one day, holding out till dinner. That’ll help out greatly. And one of the keys to weight training is to have a cheat day or two in the week. It helps out psychologically but it will also help physically as well since it would be too hard to stay on the grind 24/7. 

Dieting isn’t the only way to keep oneself on track with physical fitness. Obviously, working out tends to be a real key component to keeping someone in shape. Some hotels can come with a gym inside of it to allow guests to get a workout in during their stay. But not every hotel gym is going to be the same. There can be weight training equipment there to keep fat down and build muscle. But sometimes there are only cardio machines about. And cardio is obviously a great component to losing weight, but it isn’t the only component. There are plenty of ways to get muscle workouts in on the road with equipment and that’s going to be workouts like sit-ups or pull-ups. Using the weight of your body to get a pump in can be done anywhere. 

Traveling makes keeping up with physical fitness a bit of a creative endeavor. The very act of traveling makes consistence a difficulty that needs to be overcome because consistency is key when it comes to physical fitness. There needs to be a healthy habit formed. Breaking through those mental blocks is going to be difficult. Noom will help break through those blocks and will give tips to keep it up on the road as well. Build up a personalized physical fitness routine with Noom today by signing up for a risk-free 14-day trial here.

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