How to Master the Quickie

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Feeling in the mood with only a few minutes to spare? Make it a quickie. As long as it isn’t your go-to for getting it on, it can make for some awesome, unexpected sex says Victoria R. Hartmann, a clinical sexologist. “It’s a great way to release tension and letting her know you desire her so much that you want to ravish her right here right now is a huge turn on,” she says. The trick is to keep it energetic. You don’t have much time, so just go for it. Here are Hartmann’s tips for having great, fast sex. 

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Tease it.

Women are less likely to be sexually satisfied by a quickie because they usually require more stimulation to reach the same levels of pleasure as men. “It may leave her wanting more or leave her feeling as though she takes too long and insecure about her own sexual responses,” says Hartmann. She recommends telling your partner how much you want her and how important her pleasure is to you, even when the sex is fast-paced.

Make sure it’s not all about you.

“No matter the sexual position, make sure you are touching or rubbing your partner’s clitoris and ask her if you are doing it in a way that pleases her,” says Hartmann.

Ditch the bed for somewhere new.

Quickies often involve sex in unusual places, such as the kitchen, a bathroom, or a car. Embrace that, but be ready to deal with tight or awkward spaces and the challenges they bring. “It may sound sexy to romp in a car, but cars can be super cramped, and someone could end up bent funny,” says Hartmann.

Don’t worry about finishing.

Even with the reputation for ending things before their female partners, men may not finish during quickie sex. “Quickie sex is exactly that — quick! Men do not reach orgasm at every encounter and that’s okay,” says Hartmann. She adds that skipping orgasm can have the advantage of turning the quickie into a tease for more sex later.

Keep it light.

Quickie sex allows for a little extra creativity and passion. Sometimes they’re intense, other times they’re silly. Regardless, they should always be fun. Says Hartmann, “In the words of Steve Martin in L.A. Story: Let your mind go and your body will follow.”

Best quickie positions.

Hartmann says men tend to like rear entry for quickies because it’s visual arousing and involves minimal clothing removal. For the pleasure of the woman involved, she recommends standing face-to-face against a wall (or on a washing machine) because this allows for kissing and facial caressing, which many women enjoy.


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