Treatments for the Never-Ending Stuffy Nose


Friends and relatives complain all the time about colds that won’t end, especially after a long winter. First, see an ear-nose-throat doctor to make sure you don’t have a deviated septum, polyps, infection, or some other condition that needs to be treated. If your nose looks good, the most likely cause then is an undetected chronic allergy. Over-the-counter saline sprays can help curb allergy symptoms by clearing out debris, reducing inflammation, and moisturizing nasal passages. If the sniffling persists, then talk to your doctor about a prescription for an inhaled nasal steroid. These sprays are terrific because they deliver the power of steroids directly to your nasal cavities and so avoid the side effects that a systemic drug like oral steroids can have, such as increased blood pressure, mood swings, and weight gain. If allergies are your issue they can really make a world of difference and are likely to stifle your sniffle.