How to Throw the Perfect Jab

It sounds pretty simple when you boil it down: Tuck in your chin, keep one hand up, and punch. But whether you’re a beginner or a pro, having a jab that can actually cause some damage comes down to all the in-between steps that lead to better form, and more power.


Wrap Your Hands Like a UFC Pro

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Jason Markland, a semi-pro fighter and coach at UFC Gym in New York City, points out to one very important missing element in many punches: legs. You need to step into the move and lead with your foot, says Markland, and use that momentum to hit fast and straight, so that your opponent has to react, and you’re ready to hit again.

Markland’s Tips for a Power Jab:
Step 1: Keep your chin down and protect your face with your non-jab hand.
Step 2: Step into the jab, leading the power with your foot.
Step 3: Extend your arm “nice and easy” and keep your hand straight, following through with the power from your legs. 

Keep practicing with that move. You want to get as fast as Hansel, who is demonstrating in the video showing what Markland describes as “not a lazy jab at all — you have to think about that jab.” See for yourself.

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