How UFC Fit Got Me Ripped in 12 Weeks

Ufc Fit workout plan

It’s reassuring to know that I can always get functionally strong and completely ripped with UFC Fit. I did it before, and I can do it again. That’s the philosophy that completing UFC Fit will leave you with. I started the program on March 10, 2014 and completed in on June 2, 2014. I completed nearly every single workout and on the one, perhaps two days, that I skipped, I added that missed session to the next day. By the end of the 12-week training program, I had lost 15 pounds, four inches off my waist, and five inches off my hips without losing any muscle. Here are my before and after measurements.

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Beginning Body Measurements
Chest: 38 ¾”
Arms: Right: 14 ½”, Right Flexed: 16, Left: 13 ¾“, Left Flexed: 15 ½”
Waist: 35 ¼”
Hips: 37 ¼”
Thighs: Right: 22 ¾, Left: 22 ¾”
Weight: 193.5 pounds

Final Body Measurements
Chest: 37”
Arms: Right: 14”, Right Flexed: 15 ½” , Left: 13 ¾“, Left Flexed: 15 ½”
Waist: 31 ¼”
Hips: 32 ¼”
Thighs: Right: 23”, Left: 22 ½“
Weight: 178 pounds

All muscular measurements were taken at Dumbbell’s Gym in North Bergen, NJ, using a standard measuring tape. All weigh-ins were done in the morning using a WeightWatchers digital scale.

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UFC Fit workout program

UFC Fit is full body, high intensity interval training that incorporates both body weight and light dumbbells to burn fat, build muscle, and improve aerobic conditioning. Every few weeks, a new set of workouts is introduced to keep muscles confused and add intensity. Throughout the program, not only did I feel like I was a more functional person, I felt like a fighter. I felt like I could throw fast, explosive punches and kicks even when I might already be tired. Perhaps most importantly, I became increasingly flexible during and after UFC Fit, thanks to the pre and post-workout stretching and a workout called Ultimate Stretch Flex (a yoga-based routine).

In addition to my hard work, I attribute my success with UFC Fit to its head coach, Mike Dolce. A weight loss guru and coach to UFC Fighters such as Johny Hendricks and Ronda Rousey, Dolce infused the perfect amount of intensity into the workouts to get you moving fast. Dolce’s cues made each workout fly by and I never felt as though the workouts were too long.

I was very pleased with my results and I had not weighed 185 pounds or below since high school. UFC Fit took notice of my before and after photos and featured me as their “Transformation Tuesday” on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Seeing this was a true honor and it validated that my physique after the program lived up to UFC Fit’s standards.

To give you more perspective on how useful UFC Fit was to me, I decided to compete in a Reebok Spartan Race a few weeks into UFC Fit. Having never ran an obstacle course race or 5K, I was unsure of how I would fare in the Spartan Sprint but I feel as though UFC Fit got me ready for battle. My improved flexibility, conditioning, mental perseverance, and functional strength came in handy and I finished my first Spartan Sprint in just under 53 minutes. Post UFC Fit, I still continue to incorporate the healthy meals and snacks that are part of its easy-to-follow meal plan and I bang out a workout here and there for fun.

Overall, UFC Fit made me a better athlete while improving my physique and for that I am forever grateful. I hope that my story motivates people to hold themselves accountable for getting visible results. A combination of the feelings during/after exercise and a ripped physique brought me happiness. I hope you find the same happiness in getting a six-pack.

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Get a Fighter’s Physique in 12 Weeks >>>

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