Hugh Jackman Is Getting Seriously Ripped (Again) for His Next ‘Wolverine’ Movie

Hugh Jackman does bicep curls like a champ.

This is what comes of "someone" taking photos whilst I train! #youknowwhoyouare

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It’s been a fun couple of years away from the X-Men cinematic universe for Hugh Jackman. The last time we saw the adamantium claws pop was way back in 2014, with Bryan Singer’s highly-reviewed reboot X-Men: Days of Future Past.

But now that he’s got a new Wolverine movie set to drop in 2017—it’s untitled, but director James Mangold has hinted he might draw from the celebrated Old Man Logan comic book storyline—Jackman is back in the gym.

And much like the vaunted X-Men character he brings to life onscreen, Jackman seems to be ageless. Looking good at 47, dude.


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