Hugh Jackman Goes Into Beast Mode!

Hugh Jackman Goes Into Beast Mode!

The Wolverine has beast-moded his way to a new deadlift personal best. Hugh Jackman, who is starring in “The River” on Broadway but is most known for his role as one of Marvel’s most loveable hardass, has been posting his deadlift progress on Instagram for months. But he posted a jaw-dropping PR Friday morning. The former Men’s Fitness cover man doesn’t reveal the new record mark in the post but it’s clearly more than the 435-pound lift he posted last week. In October, he showed off a 5-rep set where he went for 405 pounds. 

And for the record, this isn’t a one-rep max for the Broadway star, who won a Tony in 2004 for his role in the full-blown musical “The Boy From Oz.” It looks like he went back for more. 

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