Hugh Jackman Looks a Little Worse for the Wear (But Still Pretty Jacked) in Instagram Pic

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Old / Instagram @thehughjackman

Maybe Hugh Jackman isn’t immortal after all.

The famously built actor and former Men’s Fitness cover star caused a bit of a stir on social media Thursday after posting a picture of himself looking a little bit older—and wearier—than usual. Sure, he’s still pretty rugged looking, but his normally boyish appearance is a little more wrinkled, and his beard is speckled with gray:

Just awesome!

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The online response, generally, was: “What the hell is up with Hugh Jackman?”

But hold up: Jackman is 47, by our last count, and has spent enough time in the Australian sun that he’s had to contend with skin cancer more than once. Not too long ago he was deadlifting 435, and more recently he’s been doing clapping pushups to get into Wolverine shape.

So most likely, it’s just a not-so-hot pic of Hugh Jackman after a long day outdoors and some freshly grilled fish. If anything, it probably says more about how great Hugh Jackman looks all the time that a single not-so-great pic of him makes for news.

But there is another theory, and it’s considerably nerdier.

Jackman is currently filming the yet-untitled third Wolverine film. It’s rumored to be (but not definitely) tackling the “Old Man Logan” storyline from the comics, in which an old, worn Wolverine makes his way through a post-apocalyptic future. The story arc is one of the most famous Wolverine comic runs, and the film reportedly will be the last time Jackman plays the X-Men hero.

Either way: Hugh Jackman is getting seriously ripped (again) for his next Wolverine movie.

First catch of the day! #dinner

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Met up with some locals on our morning run today!

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