Hugh Jackman Uses Clap Pushups to Transform Into Wolverine. Here Are 3 Ways to Improve Yours.

Hugh Jackman Clap Pushups Wolverine / Instagram @theHughJackman

Hugh Jackman is getting pretty ripped for his next movie role—and he’s using clapping pushups to help get him there.

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The actor posted a video to social media doing a run of clapping pushups, showing off the final seven after grinding out 100 during his workout—or so his caption would imply.

97, 98, 99 …

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Jackman is currently filming the third solo Wolverine film in the X-Men franchise and he has been working out a ton to get in shape—just take a look at his Instagram:


This is what comes of "someone" taking photos whilst I train! #youknowwhoyouare

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Want to work out like Jackman? We have some tips for you:

“Plyo pushups, or clapping pushups, are a great ballistic/plyometric exercise to help with your upper body,” says Carlos Davila, fitness instructor at The Fhitting Room. “It puts a focus on upper body strength, shoulder stability and core strength; plus, they look really cool.”

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Below are a series of exercise progressions to build shoulder stability, explosive strength and comfort landing on your wrists:

Before you begin:

Make sure that your basic pushup is stable and your shoulder mobility and wrist mobility allow for stabilizing both as you come up from the push-up and when you land.

Step 1: Pushups with alternating shoulder taps

“This will get you comfortable shifting your weight from push-up position to a hands-off-the-floor position while also maintaining stability with the opposite hand,” Davila says. “It also forces you to engage your core, which is also key.”

Step 2: Pushups with a slight hop

“Drive off the palms of your hand as you push up from the floor and try to get your hands a few inches off the floor,” Davila says. “Continue to do this, trying to get higher and higher. This will also get your wrists accustomed to landing once you come down from the push-up.”

Step 3: Plyo pushup

Once you are comfortable exploding out of the push-up position and landing properly, it’s time to push off the floor, bringing your hands to your chest, clap and land.

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