#IFightFor: Michael B. Jordan Directs and Stars in New “Creed” Spot

Michael B. Jordan stars and directs in #IFightFor, the new promo for "Creed."



Of all the iconic scenes training in the first Rocky movie—the meat freezer, chasing a chicken, Adriaaan!—there’s one that always sticks out: when Rocky drinks the eggs.

Unlike those other scenes, it ain’t flashy. There’s virtually no music, no other sound. But that’s why it always resonates with any serious athlete or fighter who watches Rocky. It’s probably the truest training moment in the whole movie, unflinching in its portrayal of the early-morning wakeups and the grueling training that inevitably follows.

And it looks like Michael B. Jordan has been taking close notes.

Jordan, who plays Rocky Balboa’s apprentice fighter Adonis Johnson in the upcoming movie Creed, directs and stars in a #IFightFor, a subtle new promo-in-disguise showcasing his dedication to training. The ad’s title ties in with the hashtag used to promote the movie, which has garnered tweets from the movie’s director Ryan Coogler, real-life fighter Holly Holm, and co-stars Sylvester Stallone and Tessa Thompson.



There are some differences, of course. Jordan wakes up at 5 a.m. in what is presumably sunny LA, not freezing Philly. He trains in top-notch Air Jordans, not beat-up Chucks. Instead of drinking eggs, he tweets about training. But the spirit of #IFightFor is the same, poultry products notwithstanding.

Creed hits theaters November 25.

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