This Interactive Cardio Tech Challenges You Like a Personal Trainer

iFit ActivePulse treadmill by NordicTrack
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The difficulty with cardio training—high-intensity or slow and steady—is exerting the right effort. Every guy should be doing HIIT training, especially because most of us have so little time during the day to make room for exercise. But the problem is that we tend not to HIIT hard enough; getting to between 80 and 100 percent of your max heart rate is unpleasant, and the body prefers to avoid pain.

That’s right; your high-intensity workouts aren’t intense enough. And we’re prone to pushing too hard during slow-and-steady workouts. The new iFit ActivePulse solves that.

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Strap on the heart rate arm band, get on an iFit-compatible interactive cardio machine (treadmill, rower, or bike), and pick an intensity. The machine automatically changes speed or resistance to keep you working in the right zone, making self-monitoring unnecessary. Use it consistently and your fitness should improve—and the machine will push you even harder next time.

You can even select a personal coach to help guide your efforts. A personal coach through iFit can also take you on a virtual fitness adventure, where the equipment adjusts to match your virtual location. All of these elements combined will maximize your HIIT workout.


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