Increase Core and Grip Strength With Matthew Stafford’s Dumbbell Workout [VIDEO]

Matthew stafford throws ball rotator_

You may not be able to throw more than 5000 yards in a single season like Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford (he’s one of only four NFL quarterbacks who’ve ever hit this majore milestone), but you can improve your passing game with his vintage dumbbell workout. By practicing a single-arm overhead swing with this oversized dumbbell, you’ll increase both your core strength and your grip strength. Not to mention, you’ll get some killer 3-D shoulders in the process. Watch the video, created by our partners at, to see how to do it.


Important Dumbbell Single-Arm Overhead Swing Takeaways:

*   Keep arms straight and back flat
*   Drive through core and hips to swing dumbbell overhead
*   Do not use shoulder or arm to propel dumbbell
*   4 x 20 each arm with 10 seconds rest

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