The Initial Impressions of ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Are Off the Charts

Blade Runner 2049
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Blade Runner 2049 is about a week away from release. And while the official reviews haven’t yet come out, the critics who’ve seen early screenings of the Ridley Scott sequel are currently busy picking their jaws up off the floor.

Noted critics took to Twitter to share their superlative-laden thoughts about the flick:

Reviewers specifically hailed Blade Runner 2049 for its astonishing imagery and cinematography. This isn’t exactly a surprise, given that cinematographer Roger Deakins has previously applied his talents to movies like The Shawshank RedemptionNo Country For Old Men, and Skyfall. He’s been nominated for 13 Oscars, including Best Cinematography on Prisoners and Sicario, both of which were directed by 2049’s shot-caller Denis Villeneuve. Given that everything Deakins touches seems to turn to gold, the initial reactions to 2049 are starting to seem less surprising.

The sequel 35 years in the making features Hollywood stalwarts Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, and Jared Leto.

The wait is nearly over, and on October 6 you can see Blade Runner 2049 for yourself. In the meantime, take a ride on the hype train with these trailers: